Welcome to Nan’s Kitchen!

Hello everyone! I am Nina White. I will be writing articles, sharing recipes, talking about good country living and “Farm to Market” news from time to time.

To begin, I would like to tell a little about my life.

I was born on January 10, 1937, the tenth child of twelve children. It was a cold morning and snow was everywhere when my oldest brother was sent walking to find the old country doctor. My Mom gave birth to all twelve of her children at home, but this was not uncommon during these times because there were few doctors in the area that usually traded their services for whatever a family could afford. On the day I was born, as the story goes, my father told my brother to go to the hog pen to get the doctor a pig for trade. The good doctor told my father that we needed the pig worse than he did. I cannot imagine how cold it must have been and how the other nine children must have felt to have another baby to share that small space that was our home.

My father was a share cropper, a farmer who uses another persons farm to plant a crop and then gives the land owner one-half of the crop. The main crop was cotton. My mother was a homemaker and a wonderful cook and I will be sharing some of her recipes as we go along.

We lived in a three room house with cracks in the walls that was heated by a wood stove in the living room. The wood stove was also used for cooking. We had no indoor plumbing, nor running water and drew our water from a nearby well for all of our household needs. This made clothes washing day a busy day. My brothers would build a fire under the big black kettle outside and fill it with water drawn from the well. When the water began to boil, Mom would shave lye soap into the water, put the clothes in the water and boil them until they were clean. Of course, she would wash the white clothes first so she would not have to change the water.

That’s it this week at Nan’s Kitchen. Want the rest of the story? Stop by “Farm to Market” or check back soon! Y’all come back now ya hear.